CofeSpace Terms of Service

Foreword (non-binding, feel free to skip)

I hate writing ToS pages. I am providing this service to try to make it easier for anyone that wants to have a Pleroma instance to have a Pleroma instance, because I want to lower the barrier to entry. I want this to be as easy to do as getting a Twitter account, because I want to eliminate centralized services and stop the internet from being a mall.

To grow, fedi needs more instances and to get more instances we need more people running instances. I can help with the technical hurdle by providing this service that manages the servers and the sysadmin stuff. I am delighted to do that. You are helping fix the internet if you use CofeSpace to run an instance. Twitter and Facebook can decide to censor you and you have no recourse. The only censorship here is as required by law.

Everything in here is about keeping the service from getting in its own way. I really don’t care what you do with your instance, knock yourself out. Just don’t use your instance to create problems for me. Illegal activities on the service are a problem for me. Malicious use of the service is a problem for me.


Forbidden activity

I am a US citizen and I operate the service in the US. Consequently, if I want to keep operating this service, I have to stop illegal activity where I find it, otherwise the government will stop me from operating the service.

Here is a non-exhaustive list of illegal activities (i.e., “including but not limited to”, meaning these are common examples, I can’t list everything that’s illegal): inciting violence, making threats, recruiting for a terrorist organization, uploading child pornography, things like that. In California (which is where I live, so this is relevant) “child pornography” includes sexualized photos of child models, even if they are clothed. Use common sense here, please, and I am not interested in haggling over definitions so if it looks illegal to me, I’m taking it down.

Also forbidden is anything that actively harms the service. If you find a vulnerability in the service, please let me know. If you maliciously exploit the vulnerability, you are in breach.

Some limits are set for some instances; please do not attempt to exceed these limits. For example, if you have a single-user instance, inviting more users is a breach. Things like that.

Not forbidden

What is not forbidden is anything protected by the First Amendment to the United States Constitution. Run your instance how you like. I don’t write your ToS for you, so ban or decline to ban any person or any content that you like; set your own policy. This is your instance, not mine. I don’t want to get in the way and I don’t have time. My goal is to have more instances, not more instances that are run the way I would run them.


If you are screwing up and I notice, I will let you know. If you keep screwing up or it is clear you’re acting maliciously, you might not get a warning. If you want to take your data and go, I’ll get you a backup of your DB, redirect the subdomain, etc., and try to help ensure a smooth transition. If you’re doing something illegal, though, this may not be an option.


I don’t have the time or the inclination to violate the privacy of anyone using the service. This includes you, but also includes anyone else that might use your instance. I will not sell any private information you or people on your instance create or upload, and I won’t disclose it to anyone unless they come back with a warrant.


CofeSpace collects donations. These are used for two things: to pay for the system’s upkeep (e.g., server bills, registration fees for top-level domains that we use for the free subdomains, etc.), and to pay people that work on the system.